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Tokenized, Premium Liquid Assets.

Uva Vault offers wine collectors an easy, efficient, and secure way to invest in fine wines, along with verified ownership and instant transfer of assets via the blockchain.

Why Wine NFTs

In addition to valuable assets, NFTs can also be beautiful pieces of art … a lot like Wine.

The Future of Collecting and Investing in Wine is already on the Blockchain and Your Grandparents can do it.

Uva Vault offers wine collectors an exciting, efficient, and secure way to invest in fine wines.

With NFTs, you’re able to track, trade, and store your wines digitally without the need for any physical storage of bottles. This allows for easy access and a more convenient way of trading wine.

Additionally, you can monitor the growth in value of your investments and instantly access data about their provenance and authenticity.

Furthermore, investors can even acquire limited edition bottle releases and take advantage of potential revenue streams from other collectors. Therefore, Uva Vault NFTs provides an ingenious solution for wine investment that is pioneering the future of the sector.

How it works

Wine & Blockchain, the Perfect Pairing

Modernize Wine Brands

Modernize Wine Brands

We are passionate about discovering brands that strive to provide their followers with exceptional wines and varietals, while also enriching their experience through art and innovation.

Claiming Wine

Claiming Wine

Claiming is an in-app feature of wine cellaring that allows owners to securely ship a bottle of wine. This feature ensures that all owners of a specific NFT are in control of when and where the physical bottle should be shipped, providing peace of mind and secure transactions.

Cellar Storage

Cellar Storage

We use blockchain to store our digital wine, but we use commercial cellars to store the physical bottles. Every bottle can be stored as long as needed or until the physical bottle is claimed.



Users can safely and securely buy, sell and trade our claimable NFTs, without the physical assets ever leaving our premium commercial cellar. In addition to the claimable wine being transferred, so do the cellaring benefits.

Tracking Supply

Tracking Supply

Physical wines are tracked and visible to all users in the app. When a bottle is claimed, the NFT Claim Status changes from “Available” to “Claimed” which reduces the “Available” supply. This way users can see how many remnants of a particular vintage and varietal exist, in real-time.

Adaptive Allocations

Adaptive Allocations

Our marketplace adapts to user behavioral parameters in order to self-manage future allocations. This ensures that the users who invest more, on a consistent basis will be prioritized during future allocations and offers.

Road Map

Our Founders

Winery Stakeholders, FinTech Engineers, Web 3 Developers, & Marketing Magnates


Nick Cunha

Chief Executive Officer


Doc Cohen, CFE

Chief Wine Officer


Shawn Goldsmith, CFE

Chief Marketing Officer


Scott Mitchell

Chief Technology Officer

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